Mission Tours

Kenya is situated in East Africa between the beautiful country of Kenya is hailed as ‘the miracle nation’ for its successful transition from The British colonial regime to a democratic government in 1963.

Boasting abundant natural resources and excellent urbanized towns such as Nairobi, Kisumu & Mombasa Kenya bears all the hallmarks of the most developed country in East Africa. However, considerable economic and social problems remain from the apartheid era and unemployment figures are high. More than one third of the population lives on less than two dollars a day. Extreme poverty in rural areas continues to drive people to the cities in search of employment, with 57% of the population now living in overcrowded urban areas.

You can sign up to come to Kenya with bimostravels on your own, with friends, family, a group from your church or College. You will join together with our great & experienced team to support the local communities though your mission trip here in Africa. During the trip you can arrange to build a home for a family in need or arrange a missionary medical camp in Western part of the country or a destination of your choice, Join us as we work together to bring healing to the beautiful country of Kenya by bringing building hope to those in need.